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I became an Educational Therapist/Professional (ET/P) after a successful career in accounting and finance where I learned about organization, time management and collaborating with groups on a project.  In my role as an ET, I help students reach their academic potential in a trusting and therapeutic environment.  I teach students to leverage their strengths and shore up their areas of challenge.

I work with students from Elementary through High School age in the following areas:

  • Reading Fluency, Decoding and Comprehension

  • Writing and Spelling

  • Math - Number Sense and Math Facts through High School Algebra and Geometry

  • Study Skills - Organization, Note Taking and SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review)

  • Executive Function - goal setting, time management and organization.

Education and Professional Affiliation:

  • Association of Educational Therapists – Professional Member

  • Masters of Education and Educational Therapy Certificate - Holy Names University

  • Masters of Business Administration – Financial Services – Golden Gate University

  • Certified Public Accountant – State of California – non-practicing status

  • Bachelor of Science – Business Administration – UC Berkeley

Specialized Training:

  • Orton-Gillingham reading, spelling, and writing instruction

  • Lindamood-Bell - Seeing Stars (phonemic awareness and spelling), and Visualizing and Verbalizing (language comprehension and thinking skills)

  • Cloud Nine - math for elementary grades

  • Seeing My Time - Executive Functioning Success for time management, organization, and planning

  • Structured Word Inquiry (SWI), Advanced Spelling Skills training, Pete Bowers PhD

Image by Dan Dimmock
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